About Us

Life Begins is a small charity run by a group of friends from Scotland.

It was started by Lynne Mendelsohn after eight months doing voluntary work in Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique in 2007. After spending time with the children whose futures were already severely limited due to their poor start in life Lynne knew that she had to do something to try to make a difference.

Lynne now lives in Livingstone, Zambia running Zig Zag Bed & Breakfast/Restaurant (which helps fund the projects) and co-ordinating our activities.


Being based in Zambia means that Lynne can keep control of the finances and ensure that the money is spent wisely and well.

Sadly, corruption, crony-ism and a “what’s in it for me?” attitude are endemic and so Lynne makes sure that we work only with people who are similarly dedicated to the welfare of children. We work with some local organisations and engage with local residents and the business community to provide support to our projects.

ZigZag also supports our projects by providing food for the children at Tutalike (pronounced “Too-ta-lee-kay”) Day Care Centre and a venue for selling the goods produced by our craft groups.


In the UK Elisabeth Carleton and Suzanne Wilson help with the running of the charity whilst our regular supporters are scattered across the globe (mainly in the UK, Australia, USA and the Netherlands).





Contact Us: - We need your help !

Please share your thoughts and ideas with us. We are not a large charity and so your ideas could make a major difference.


To email Lynne in Zambia, just click here: (your own email software should take care of the rest!)