Projects - Health & Nutrition

Life Begins and Lynne’s business (ZigZag) currently support a small day care/nutrition centre in Ngwenya (one of the most poverty-stricken areas of Livingstone) which is run by a wonderful lady called Susiko. We have been providing food for the 70 children that Susiko looks after. Lynne delivers the food personally and spends time with the children every week. We have also provided toys, clothing and drawing/colouring materials over the last few months and have paid for medical treatment for some of the children. The children here are either orphans or from very vulnerable families – many are HIV+, many suffer abuse and violence in their homes, and all of them know poverty and hunger. The daycare centre provides a much needed respite for these children – they can remember to be kids for a while and know that they’ll have something to eat .

For more recent and detailed information click : LifeBegins-Health & Nutrition


Informal Education

Susiko, who lives in a two-roomed house, has turned her larger room (which is only 2m x 2.5m or 6’6” x 8’2") into a classroom where she teaches the children and tries to get them into the habits of learning so that they are able to cope with formal education (if they get the opportunity) - for more recent and detailed information click:

Life Begins - Early Years Education

There are also those who attend our centre every day who benefit from the use of the books, games and toys that we have supplied as well as having reading, writing, numeracy and art lessons.  These children have an appetite for learning that is both inspiring and humbling.

Formal Education.

Formal education in Zambia (for those who can afford it) begins when children are 7 years old. We currently sponsor 47 children (who cannot afford it) across 5 schools in Livingstone and provide them with necessary food and welfare support. Attendance at our day care centre has already yielded remarkable success in formal education for many children. (Can you imagine the difference it makes to each child, each family, and the whole community where many in that community could not previously read or write?)

We help maintain their progress and widen access to education. For more recent information on their success (and its cost) click here: Life Begins - Formal Education